Mobile Systems Laboratory

Department of Computer Science | University of Iowa

About the group

The Mobile Systems Laboratory (MSL) is the research group of Associate Professor Octav Chipara in the Computer Science Department at University of Iowa. Our work brings together techniques from systems, networking, and software engineering to address reliable and efficient wearable IoT systems. The core of our research involves the design of programming abstractions, middleware services, and communication protocols that require predictable performance. The central theme of my work is that in order to harness the power of these systems, we must provide developers with better tools to simplify the development and analyze the performance of wearable IoT systems.

Research Projects


02/26/2020: Our paper "Test-retest reliability of ecological momentary assessment in audiology research" was accepted for publication in JAAA.
12/27/2019: Indoor particulate matter from smoker homes induces bacterial growth, biofilm formation and impairs airway antimicrobial activity. A pilot study will be published in Frontiers in Public Health, section Environmental Health.
11/22/2019: Ryan Brummet has successfully defented his thesis. Congratulations!
10/28/2019: Submitted paper to IoTDI 2020.
10/03/2019: Submitted "Do listening environment characteristics change in one location over time?" to IJA.
09/23/2019: Our RERC proposal has been awarded
08/28/2019: Accepted to serve on the IoTDI 2020 TPC
08/28/2019: Accepted to serve on the MSN 2019 TPC
07/25/2019: Serving on the programming committee of EWSN 2020
07/24/2019: Serving as TPC Co-Chair of RTCSA 2019
07/25/2019: Serving as TPC Vice-Chair for PerCom 2020
07/24/2019: Serving as Co-Track Chair for MASS 2019



Our research is generously supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH). Additional information about support is provided for each project.